A note from Dr. Zenobia Tantra...

The Hidden Messages in Water by Dr. Masaru Emoto laid the foundation for my Chakra Body Butter and Candles.  This was a book that one of my beautiful students had gifted me as she kindly felt that it resonated with me and with who I was.  

In my private practice (Medical and ZenXual) and while I was at the VA, I am always harping on the benefits of drinking water and being grateful and positive, something I try to truly emulate on practicing and being.

During one of my Chakra meditation and chanting sessions, I was given an insight into making Body Butter and Candles that could harness the energy of the Chakra.  The power of the Chant, Prayers, Healing Frequency/Energy and Positivity along with the Brilliance and Purification of Light, set the wheels/Chakras:) in motion.  

Thus, the Zenxuality Chakra Body Butter and Candle series were born.  Were given birth to by the insight and wisdom passed on by the Divine.  Prayer is talking to God.  Meditation is listening to God/the Universe and the Divine.  I just listened to the Divine.

I sincerely and humbly hope that when you put the Body Butter on or Light your Candle, You are Feeling and Harnessing what is already within You.  

Your Divinity, Your Wisdom, Your Beauty, Your Compassion, Your Strength, Your Abundance, Your Intuition and a myriad of other Positive and Abundant qualities that You are already Blessed with and that You Possess.

When You Truly Connect with Yourself and Your Source, You are Powerful and Limitless!!

Unleash the Goddess, the Divine and the PowerHouse that is already within You!!

Dr. Zen Tantra


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