Refund Policy

Updated 5.13.21

The information provided in this Refund Policy governs all purchases made through the website, or offsite advertisement, unless otherwise stated.

1. Refunds for Coaching, Sessions, Coursework

Due to the nature at which services are rendered, there are absolutely no refunds for coaching, one-on-one sessions, group sessions, and coursework already received.  

If you would like to cancel your meeting time, please contact our support team. You should reschedule your meeting, but if you must cancel, where no materials, advice, techniques have been disclosed, ZenXuality, Inc. may offer a refund of up to 50%, at our discretion.

2. Payment Plans & Membership Fees

If you elect to sign up under a payment plan for ongoing sessions or recurring payment for coursework memberships, all payments are due on time to stay in the program. If a payment fails, we will retry your payment three times every three days before it cancels. If your account is in cancellation status, we will revoke all access to sessions and memberships, and you may be asked to return any unused materials. All past amounts paid will be forfeited, and any accruing bonuses, offers, rewards, or points will be canceled or zeroed out.  

ZenXuality, Inc. will still pursue any past due balance owed by turning your account over to our collection agency.

3. Digital Products

As in the case of products you download from our website or other offsite mechanism, there are no refunds and no exceptions to this rule.

4. Contact Information

ZenXuality, INC. is always available, with the quickest response time, at our helpdesk, Should you need to contact us another way, here's how:

ZenXuality, INC.
511 East Hawley Street, Mundelein, IL 60060, USA​

Email Address:

Telephone number: