What is sacred sexuality?

When we merge breath energy (the energy of our very scientific life) and sexual energy (the energy of creation), we create the ultimate divine bliss of spiritual sex, which was created as a reverence to divinity. Sacred sex, or tantric sex, focuses on the source of soul arousal, and not just physical penetration and stimulation, to promote erotic energy movement, intimacy, and the quality of intense pleasure. When practiced efficiently, your sacred sexuality will connect you to your partner, your partner to you, and your union to the universe.

Who benefits from practicing spiritual sex?

Many of us struggle with sexual insecurities, lack of communication with our partners, and false- interpretation of our sensuality, which ultimately results in inadequate self-love and compassion for others. If you would like to recover from sexual traumas or sex-related health issues, or you are here to explore the path to holiness through a sexual ritualistic communion, or you are just curious about tantra and sex yoga, then Zenxuality is for you!

Completely shift your energetic experience with tantric sex!

According to Dr. Zen, “The pelvic floor is the cradle of civilization.  Let us give it the reverence and love it deserves.”

We Treat:​

Painful intercourse
One-sided, unpleasurable sex
Harmful mindsets about self and sex​
Blocked chakras​
Feelings of shame about sex​
Inability to experience a full-body orgasm or orgasm multiple times
Couples who struggle with intimacy
Sex that doesn't last long​
The mind-body-spirit path on a micro and macro level​

Tantric Services

Zenxuality teaches adults (18 and older, women and couples) how to unlock the power of sexuality by providing a step-by-step process* in practicing sacred sex. Sex is not just for the human, but direct communication with the divine!

*Each class, course, or one-on-one session is tailored to the individual. You can do the modules from the privacy of your own home.  No nudity is involved. All topics and related gestures are at your consent ONLY. We honor privacy, confidentiality and aim to promote empowerment!

Own Your Oomph. Own Your Om/Ohm. Own Your Orgasm!"©

"Sex has been called the Original Sin - It is Neither Original Nor a Sin." ~ Osho

No matter where you are at on your tantric journey, you will leave feeling beautiful, powerful, sexy, confident, compassionate, and have a transcendent acceptance of all creation.

Become a Divine Being of Sexuality

Sneak Peak: Tantra


  • Shakti
  • Yoni and Yoni Healing Ritual
  • Kundalini
  • Sushumna
  • Chakras
  • Lingam and Lingam Healing Ritual
  • Sex Yoga
  • Nadis
  • Dance of Life/Creation/Faith and Death/Doubt/Fear/Inhibition
  • It is not about Fight or Flight, it is about the Feeling.  Therefore, No Fight or Flight, Just Feeling
  • Love and Liberation
  • Personal Power
  • Self and Body Love
  • Bliss

Module Specifics

Tantra is the most-detailed and involved and each Module will be ~12-14 weeks or more and each session will be for more than 1-2 hours.