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"If Orgasm is a "Pelvic Sneeze" and a Sneeze is a "Cranial Orgasm", then Tantra Produces Both Simultaneously." ~Dr. John Mumford

"The Heart has Reasons that Reason knows not of. Do You Love by Reason?" ~Blaise Pascal

"Tantra, like Love, promotes neither the Rational nor the Irrational, but rather the Para-Rational." ~Swami Anandakapila Saraswati

"When We Embrace All of Our Sexuality, We Honor Our Spirituality.
When We Embrace All of Our Spirituality, We Honor Our Sexuality.
When We Embrace Both, We Celebrate God." ~Dr. Stubbs

I will humbly go a step further and say that, "Spirituality, Sensuality, Sexuality, i.e. ZenXuality is the Ultimate Divine and Bliss as we are All Energy Beings, Energy is the Purest form of Existence and Sexual Energy is Life Energy. Sex Energy and Breath Energy are Flowing and when the 2 Meet, Wham!! Life is Created."

"So long as Lips shall Kiss, and Eyes shall See, so long Lives This, and This gives Life to Thee..." ~Kama Sutra

Sensuality is the ultimate Art, the ultimate Seduction, the Ultimate Enchantment, Allure and Glamour. It is the use of all of the senses that we know of and ones that we did not even realize fell into the sensation category or classification to redefine Pleasure, Sexiness, Confidence and Seduction.

"Sensuality and Seduction is a Beautiful Bridge Between Two Souls. A Divine Connection." ~ Dr. Zen Tantra

Sensuality  Services

Introduction to Chakras, Tantra and Kama Sutra

  • Connecting to the Divine Being Within/Yoni is the Queen
  • Kama Sutra - Then and Now
  • Tantra - Breathing Your Way to Orgasm/Sacred Orgasms
  • Goddess or Geisha?? Why Not a Little Bit of Both :)
  • Sexual Healing
  • Age Is Just a Number
  • The Lover's Touch
  • Chakras, Tantra, Kama Sutra - More than Just Wheels, Sex, and Positions

Retreats, Classes, Seminars​

  • Chakras - 3 Modules
  • Tantra - 3 Modules
  • Kama Sutra - 3 Modules
  • MARI® - Mandala Assessment Research Instrument - Using Mandalas for ZenXuality

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"Live with gratitude, compassion, bliss, peace and passion." ~ Dr. Zen

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"Like a Lotus Flower, We too have the ability to Rise from the Mud, Bloom out of the Darkness and Radiate into the World."
~Anonymous Unknown