Who am I? What do I want? What is my Dharma/Purpose?

"The intellect, which is based on memory, is a wonderful tool. However, it can only inform - it cannot transform." ~ Sadhguru

"Love can attain what the intellect cannot fathom." ~Meher Baba

"We are all a beautiful piece of art that is continually in progress and process." ~Dr. Zen Tantra

Over 1800 People Helped

20+ Years Experience

Multiple Certifications

This is my WHY

Being a quotaholic, this was my humble chosen way of introducing myself as I am a lifelong Seeker, Learner, and ZenXualist.

I say that even as a young kiddo, I was always curious regarding things and elements that most adults do not want to talk about or discuss, let alone indulging or including a child's curiosity regarding it. Since I was six years old, I had always wanted to come to the Beautiful and Great United States of America and since I was six I was also unintentionally introduced to the world of Spirituality, Sensuality, and Sexuality. What an amazing and humbling journey it has been and continues to be...

It started in Pune, India (almost like a beautiful sister city to the gorgeous and stunning Mumbai, my forever Home) for my Dad's work. My Mom and her lady friends took all of us kids to the "Famous"/"Infamous" Rajneesh Ashram as they wanted to see the young and handsome movie star, Mr. Vinod Khanna. I was immediately curious and, if I may be honest, impressed by the atmosphere and the people there. There just seemed to be an attitude of Laissez-Faire, a quality of Je Ne Sais Quoi, and our Moms quickly shooed us out of there because there was a lot more exposure than just seeing a Movie Star!

Even at that beautiful, tender age, it got me thinking, WHAT ARE THEY FEELING AND DOING TO BE SO CAREFREE AND HAPPY??

I started reading what I could to understand it and was immediately drawn to Romance, Religion, Mysticism, Spirituality, and down the road, Sensuality, and Sexuality. I have been through the cycles of life and the trials and tribulations that come with them. Each one of them has been a knee-bowing and educational part of my journey as I truly believe that "Everyone Comes Into Our Life for a Reason, A Season or a Lifetime and Everyone Teaches Us How To BE and How Not To BE." I am grateful for life's lessons that continue to teach me.

Fast forward to my teens and here I am in the amazing and powerful USA where, from my childhood, I felt like it was out of a Charles Dickens novel; David Copperfield, where the streets of London were paved with gold. I just wanted to soak it all in and charge away. 

My Educational Life & Beyond

I went to the University of Illinois, Chicago; graduated with my Bachelors in Physical Therapy. I was fortunate to have had the opportunity for amazing internships/clinicals at the University of Chicago, Rush-Copley in Aurora, and at the Chicago Institute of Neuroscience and Neuroresearch at Riverside Medical Center in Kankakee. I earned my Post-Professional Doctorate, my DPT from Chicago Medical School, now Rosalind Franklin University.
I was introduced to the world of Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy shortly after and I took to it like a fish takes to water (makes complete sense as I love swimming.


Since then, my goal has been to "Empower Every Vagina/Yoni that is out there and to include Rectums and Penises too as I would not want to leave any Anatomical Part Behind."

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Certificate of Achievement in Pelvic Physical Therapy (CAPP-PT) through the APTA
SMART (Stress Management and Resiliency Training) Certified through the Benson-Henry Institute in collaboration with the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School

I am truly a lifelong seeker, learner, student, and ZenXualist and am humbled to be on this amazing journey and adventure, called Life!!

In my 23+ years of medical, spiritual, sexual, and sensual practice I have been blessed by the wisdom, beauty, strength, and talent of a myriad of teachers as each patient and client became my guru. I have also been fortunate to have met and been blessed by many gurus, teachers, yogis in India, here and overseas, on my eternal quest for knowledge which culminated in the creation of ZENXUALITY.

My patients/clients have been benevolent in their praise and I have been christened The Vagina Whisperer/Guru/Goddess, The Yoni Whisperer/Guru/Goddess, The Pelvic Floor Whisperer/Guru/Empowerer, and through all of this the one thing that stands true is my commitment to you to Unleash the Divine Being and Powerhouse in all of us.

I created ZenXuality to Reflect the Beauty, Confidence, Compassion, and Divine in YOU!

I humbly invite You to Own Your OOmph! Own Your Ohm/Om! Own Your Orgasm!©

Let us embark on a voyage of communication, compassion, confidence, and creativity so that each communion (in my humble viewpoint, communion is the union of communication and compassion) of ours is simply stunning!!

Dr. Zen Tantra